Spawn Glow Free (Art, Fireworks And Light-Show)

Spawn Glow Free (Art, Fireworks And Light-Show)

Spawn Glow Free (Art, Fireworks And Light-Show)

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Spawn Glow FREE (Art, Fireworks and Light-Show) iPhone & iPad Review

Black Ice - Swarm Building Light Show

Amazing chemical reactions!

Become the director of your own light show with Spawn Glow on your iPhone or iPod Touch. Using only your finger, orchestrate a mesmerizing swarm of squirming, bouncing, colorful lasers--all responding to the guidance of your touch.
Your Own Soothing Light Symphony

The smooth and responsive touch technology lends itself to easy, flowing movements of your lights. Touch the screen and attract the lights to your finger. Swipe, drag and push the ball of lights to watch them explode into synchronized patterns and sprawling beams.

Watch the lights bounce around the screen acting in a variety of behaviors until you choose to orchestrate a new direction.
Down to the Last Colorful Detail

Just like a well-crafted composition, perfection is in the details. Make adjustments in your settings until you've create the rhythm, behavior, and colors of your choice. Using the sliding scales, change the speed, length, size, and color speed of your lasers.

Escape the monotony of your day and enjoy the ride.

What's New in Version 2.6

Fixed "Loading..." indicator on main page

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